Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Intro to the Buhai Blog

I have been thinking for a while what to write as rationale of this newborn blog. In the end I gave up however the idea of making an elaborate intro, deciding instead to let the contributions speak for themselves- and true, chose the easy way out... One thing is certainly not going to happen: there will be no unifying theme of future entries. Au contraire, diversity shall rule.

Subjectivity and selectivity will not be missing, but then again, it is not in my purpose to compete with news agencies. Nonetheless, I will try to keep a balance and present both sides of the coin, though I will make sure to inform you of my personal choice- should I not remain agnostic.

I ask from any of my readers not to hesitate to comment or share their own opinions by sending contributions to be posted. These can be in any language I understand- try me. My contributions will be mostly in English or Romanian, though I do not exclude French, Dutch, Italian- and whatever else I might get enough skills in somewhere in the future.

More about me, including contact details.

One more to beam up into the blogospace!

Sebi Buhai, 29-11-05