Friday, October 03, 2008

Global Electoral College on the US Presidentials

We know already what the general outcome would be, given Obama's popularity outside USA, but still, interesting initiative from The Economist. Can you guess which country will have the highest proportion of Blue votes; France looks like a strong candidate, as of now. (The reverse question is much more interesting).

PS. Obviously one needs to take into account all kinds of selection and measurement issues, but let us ignore those for the moment and assume, e.g., that readers of The Economist are a random sample of the population of each of those countries :-)...


Anonymous said...

Sebi, according to this map, Obama is winning in the US with 79%. What does this tell us about its validity? And taking this into consideration, what about countries with 72% Obama support in this poll -- would that qualify in real life as a McCain state then?

Sebi Buhai said...

It only says that the mainstream supporters of teh Republicans (mind you, McCain is not very loved by teh religious wing, but still, ultimately they'll prolly vote Red) do not read The Economist :-). Selection, selection, selection, I keep telling my students all teh time :-).

Only Macedonia is so far Red. Interesting, very interesting :-).