Monday, November 16, 2009

Top Gear in Romania. Or: keep up with the Sandero!

If you're not going to die of laughter before that, you will when the Dacia Sandero appears (and overtakes them) :-). Oh, and this gem from Clarkson is to save for further reference: "If Simon Cowell came here [Mamaia, Romania], they'd put him on income support". Brilliant!
Thanks to George for the tip!

PS. Looking forward for the rest of the upload on YouTube. UPDATE, 17 nov: second and respectively, last part of the episode, with thanks to Bogdan. Watch them before they are removed from YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I'll be damned, didn't know you guys had such tunnels under the People's Palace. Unbelievable! Perfect for my Impreza!!

Sebi Buhai said...

Good luck getting permission-- for some reason I think Clarkson et al have a certain (financial) charm that not many have :-).