Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up in the air

It is great, truly great. In fact IMDb and RottenTomatoes do not give it sufficient credit. I was told I would love it, by people who know me, but I didn't just love it: I adored it. One of my favourite scenes is also one of the most brilliant dialogues/pick-up strategies, on screen and beyond. It is a shame the movie did not win any Oscars, given the six (only!) nominations it received. "Superlative" is not doing enough justice to the acting performances of George Clooney, Vera Farmiga or Anna Kendrick, with the film also an example of perfect direction and screenplay by Jason Reitman & co. It belongs right there, in my top 5 all-time favourites.

To top it all, I've seen "Up in the air" just the proper way, up in the air-- during my Chicago-Amsterdam trip yesterday. And, obviously, I write this post from Schiphol's KLM lounge, soon to be up in the air again, this time to Shanghai. "Bingo. Asians."


Nicole said...

Darling, but of course! I could have told you that Jason is the bestest. In this interview as adorable as ever! Did you see Thank you for smoking? Nico.

Sebi Buhai said...

Nico: saw most of it, but still have to see that properly (and entirely). Reitman promises a lot, indeed.
Sorry for the wait, China censores blogspot and I was too lazy to go via my remote access servers (unfortunately not available to ordinary Chinese).