Friday, April 01, 2011

Best LEED for developing countries

Word goes that Portugal is likely to soon join the category of developing countries (as you might have heard). However, before you start sobbing, consider this: not all is doom. In fact, this could well be heaven for economists working with the famous Quadros de Pessoal longitudinal "linked employer-employee data" (LEED), and, eventually-- as I will try to convince you-- it would materialize in tremendous success in improving the state of the whole world. Bear with me.

Firstly, these researchers working with Portuguese LEED would then be able to sell their papers also as research in development economics (I am already working on convincing my co-author Miguel to place "economic development" as keyword in our couple of projects using that data). And you tell me if any other developing country can come up with data that beats Quadros de Pessoal! More importantly, just imagine not having to worry any longer about sample sizes, representative samples, non-response, measurement errors-- issues that typically plague development economics research; imagine how much more could be uncovered about the economies of developing countries, imagine the giant leap in the research progress on development, imagine finding solutions to all developing world problems, imagine all the virtuous circle! Isn't Portugal's sacrifice then just a very kind gesture to humankind?

-Inspired by Tiago, the most enterprising  Econ PhD student at Northwestern-


Anonymous said...

Good one for April Fool's! I hope not to ever see the Danish LEED competing with the Portuguese in development research ;)
a Danish economist

Nnicu said...

Mah tu-ti bati joc de bietii lusitani :) Ma tat batea gindu' ce scrii de 1 aprilie :)

Sebi Buhai said...

@Dansker: why not, all development economics journals will be open for you to send your papers also there, and you do not even have to leave home to collect your data :-).

@Nenic: vezi tu, eu imi permit, ca la noi e mai grav, e un fel de rade ciob de oala sparta :-).