Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Econlinks for 14-08-'07

  • Ken Rogoff says that we might be "better red than dead" in the long run. I doubt most Central-Eastern Europeans would feel any close to comfortable with that. And that despite that the Vikings (the present-day ones) are rather reddish and pretty well still. Link to Rogoff's via Greg Mankiw

  • Why do you have sex? If you can't give any answer to that, perhaps you should answer the "why don't you have sex?" question, but that in a future econlinks edition. All right, just bloody think of the first question formulated in the past tense... Among all the reasons these researchers compiled (far from exhaustive; the "I'm sick of lying to women" reason is, for instance, not among them- you complete the list), I think "the person had beautiful eyes" wins my prize :-).

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