Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Radiohead members should start PhDs in Experimental Economics

... because their recent idea makes for a super interesting experiment; we have all very high hopes :-). So go and download their latest album, "In Rainbows". Really no scam: it's all up to you, you can pay as much as you want (for the download version). Got the exciting news via via Greg Mankiw.


Dan Anghel said...

1,2 million downloads at an average of 8 dollars per album. Fair price, I might say:)


Sebi Buhai said...

This is indeed a succesful experiment, then (again: they should start a PhD in Experimental Economics: they just proved the point that their buyers have, on average, a sense of fairness and loyalty :-). And as your linked article from Le Figaro points out, this should be just the beginning: the whole industry is changing, the first-movers will have most to profit from it.