Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Song of the day: "Call me" (in Eliane Elias's version)

Nicole, your turn :-). The song of the day (tonight dedicated to Nicole, if she can handle it...) is "Call me"... and not just any version of this superlative piece, but indeed my very favourite one: Eliane Elias's "Call me" (I'd almost consider the artist's intro here as part of the piece). Enjoy!

Assuming you all know (alternatively, you will immediately inform yourselves...) who Eliane Elias is, I'll just say that some months ago, with the occasion of the yearly International Jazz Festival from Aarhus, Elias and her band (in my opinion the very highlight of 2007's edition) softened the Vikings' (and not only) hearts; for an evening the entire city was under her spell... But more about other Eliane Elias's top musical pieces with another occasion.

Here's more info on Tony Hatch's masterpiece. And here's the song in other, equally famous, renditions (unfortunately Petula Clark's was removed from YouTube shortly after I had found it and I was not able to trace Shirley Bassey's at all) : Astrud Gilberto's (be patient and wait a bit until it starts, in the clip...), Sinatra's, Blue Velvet's, even a version in Polish... Pick your favourite.

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