Friday, January 16, 2009

Chess games, more and less serious

First, the powerful Corus Chess tournament has started today (first game tomorrow) in Wijk aan Zee. Time for last year's Group A winner, Magnus Carlsen, to really make history. Ivanchuk did quite well lately, but I still don't see him with too many chances against the Viking Chessmaster, this time. Aronian is, however, always 'unpredictable': hence, if anything, he's the one Magnus should watch out for the most... Group B will also be very interesting: my bet is on the new hope, Fabiano Caruana: I saw some unbelievably smart games he played in different tournaments last year.

Second, computer chess games for the less professional players, such as myself :-). In order to have an idea whether I should get the new chess program for my Ipod (see also here), I should ask Susan Polgar how does the tChess compare to the Kasparov Chessmate , the latter available within the set of games offered on the screens in KLM intercontinental flights (now you know that other than watching good movies--2nd bullet point-- I also play a lot of chess on such flights...). I am obviously no pro when it comes to chess, but I won 15 games (and lost only 3) against the highest level the Kasparov Chessgame has ('strength' 2300, ie. playing against Kasparov's avatar...), which clearly says more about that game than about myself :-). If the Ipod chessgame is similar or lower in strength, I wouldn't bother (though in any case, I think it is absolutely great to have such a chess game on Ipods and Iphones)... All in all, I am definitely looking forward for Fritz-like strength in chess games on such devices as Ipods, KLM screens and the like...

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