Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dateline: To Catch a Predator

I think these guys are doing a great job at Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator and I really believe there should be more such excellent initiatives- seems they are really useful in today's societies (most likely this is not confined to the USA). See here the "summary" of their Predator III episode, in direct collaboration with the police this time. I find absolutely amazing the number of these perverts- and how active they are. One small quote from the report to give you an idea about the extent of the phenomenon:

"Our first two stings averaged 18 men over three days. Amazingly, in southern California, on the first day alone, 14 men arrive for what they think will be a possible meeting for sex with a 12 or 13-year-old.

On the second day, it gets so busy we actually have three men show up within minutes of each other.
Perhaps even more amazing is that they come from all strata of the society, from all "walks of life". There's even a federal agent among them!
And the federal agent can’t seem to stop talking to the cops.
Michael Burks: My father was a police officer. I was a police officer. I work for the Department of Homeland security. I understand you guys have a job to do and I’m not trying to tell anything else other than that. I swear to God, as God as my witness, I’m wearing a St. Michael’s medal right now, okay? I was not going to do anything with her.
But the detective doesn’t seem to be buying his story.
Police officer: I am telling you I don’t believe that you didn’t intend to have sex at some point with the girl.
Burks: Sir, I swear to God.
Police officer: It would have happened, I guarantee you, it would have happened.
And he has one more thing to say to the disgraced federal agent.
Police officer: In your position, you should have known better. You know the law. That’s even worse. You know what, that puts a bad mark on my job, on everybody. Every cop in this country you put a bad mark on.
Burks: I know, sir.

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