Thursday, December 20, 2007

Song of the day: "Enjoy the silence", by Depeche Mode

A perfect song for the day; fast and without many further comments since Depeche Mode certainly does not need 'em... In a way, this is an answer to an exchange of comments between me and Dan, a great while ago, on what is my favourite piece from Depeche. Dan, now you've got your answer :-). I was not and am not really a "fan" (what's that unconditional, eternal, support anyway?!) of this band (& talking about that, remember where I stand, in terms of musical tastes-- what's got value, it's got value, no matter the genre; I am a priori open to anything and looking forward to be impressed), but certain songs in their repertoire are simply immortal. And most of all, "Enjoy the Silence" (in fact: I used to be crazy about this song, many winters ago...). More on this masterpiece, on wikipedia. Enjoy, indeed!

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Dan Anghel said...

Nice choice from Depeche Mode:) I could have bet that it was "World in my Eyes" (it would have been my choice from the Violator album), but anyways, there are at least 4 songs on that album that are pure gold. It's very difficult to pick one, but after a good thinking my Depeche Mode no. 1 song (and album) is definitely Black Celebration.