Friday, December 21, 2007

Song of the day, month, year: "Wild is the wind", by David Bowie

This is one of my favourite songs ever, by one of my favourite artists ever (I said that elsewhere, as well). And I don't have to write much more (here's a wiki entry nonetheless, to refresh your memory on e.g. the proud fathers of this song, Tiomkin and Washington etc.), since we're talking about an absolute masterpiece here (in the sense that one can only remain awe-stricken Salieri-like, when listening to it...). Perhaps only that it reminds me that I loved all the women I slept with plus a very few I did not sleep with :-). Enjoy "Wild is the wind", in David Bowie's version.


Anna said...

Fantastic, Seb! There is only one thing left for me to ask: will you marry me? :-)

Sebi Buhai said...

He he, let there be competition. Milady :-), I appreciate the intention (hey, there's a first bid), but marriage requires a lot of a priori compatibility checks. Or not: after all, it's an old-fashioned institution by now :-). Funny, though... Should I sign myself as D'Artagnan? :-)