Monday, May 05, 2008

(New) Danish cuisine

Yes, yes, I confirm: top Danish cuisine is resurrected and its outputs are nothing but extremely yummy... The NY Times has also got only praise for it (with assorted photos here). I've also mentioned recently that Noma, the current very best among the Danish restaurants, went up on the world rankings, being now number 10 (2nd bullet point).

Now, while the article above focuses on the Copenhagen dining scene, I've already experienced some of the best places in Aarhus (still waiting for such an article reviewing in detail the best of the best restaurants in Aarhus). For instance, I've had all the liquid nitrogen sensation at Malling & Schmidt (where I also paid more than I had ever paid before in a restaurant, but those are details...) and the smoking of the salmon in front of you at Nordisk Spisehus (the cheaper version of Malling & Schmidt, though nothing short of spectacular in terms of quality of the meals).

All in all, it should be clear that the restaurants' quality became a chief reason to visit Denmark. And perhaps the Danes could aggresively market this dimension also in order to attract highly skilled migrants for longer periods? Maybe there is a chance that such great food would make some people forget about the ridiculous level of the taxes (1st bullet point) :-).

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