Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best phrase I've read so far today

[...] Basescu has repeated his insistence that Székelyföld will have no more nor less autonomy than anywhere else. This is not a position with which I disagree in principle, but since he trotted it out two years ago and has done absoultely nothing towards decentralisation in Romania since, it is clear that what he means by "Covasna will have the same amount of autonomy as Calarasi and Constanta" is, in fact, "absolutely none". I know he's fully locked into the Bucharest political scene, being ex-mayor of that city, but I suspect he needs to get out a bit more.

The above is by Andy, on Csíkszereda musings, part of an entry on whether the Kosovo precedent implies anything for Székelyföld. I also find the entire post well written and I disagree, if at all, only with respect to some minor details.

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