Thursday, February 21, 2008

A classic Alekhine's Defence and 43 moves

... is all what Magnus Carlsen needed in order to win against Topalov. Wonderful, wonderful, we love it! The kid is back in the game (while, surprinsingly, Topalov has lost two consecutive games since I last praised him...).

PS. Nothing is sure yet in Morelia-Linares, but I think it starts to look as if Carlsen were a very serious candidate to become the youngest World Chess Champion ever (thus beating Kasparov, who currently holds that record). The first opportunity for the Norwegian to do so could be in two years from now. The (only) very powerful player whom he still has problems winning against is Anand, who rightly deserves to be the world champ now and for the years to come (before Carlsen takes the title from him :-)).

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