Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Song of the day: "Non-convex desires", by John DiNardo

Today's song is by an amateur musician and professional (academic) economist (a winning combination anytime!), John DiNardo. You can listen to "Non-convex desires" here (in .mp3 format) and you can read an approximation of its lyrics here (compared to the audio version linked above, you will notice some permutation in the early verses, some slightly changed words and the last verse left entirely for future research :-)). The following shall be retained for future reference: "Come on baby won't you share/ your non-convex desires with me".

If you want to find out more John DiNardo-the musician, here's some serious review of his musical production so far. My other favourite piece from him is "(My Little) Regression Discontinuity". Check out also this very very promising duo (composed of John DiNardo and a much better little fellow), excellently covering "What I like about you".

Oh: almost forgot that after listening to the song of the day, you should definitely (re)listen to this other one, featured some time ago in the same "song of the day" category on my blog. They complement each other perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Hi hi hi,
not everything in life can be
described twice differentially

This sounds so very much unlike Sebster :)

Sebi Buhai said...

M&M, here's my answer:

" you'll never really understand
What its like to share your non-convex desires
with me

Who won? Let me hear, let me hear :-).

Nicole said...

the little blond baby is too sweet! I would have made that song of the day

Sebi Buhai said...

You exhibit non-convex desires, Nicole. Exactly the song of the day :-).