Monday, February 04, 2008

Econlinks for 4-02-'08

  • Greg Mankiw's birthday wish (with my "Happy Birthday", of course!). Among other things, I learnt I'd be young forever, despite being (aspiring to be?) an economist; here's why: "[...] you know you are old when you spend more time thinking about money than sex. If so, we economists must age prematurely. After all, it’s our job to think about money, both our own and other people’s." Apparently Mankiw forgot about the Solow-Friedman sex vs. money context (see page 3 of that PDF presentation; don't worry about the rest of the presentation in Romanian- unless you are Romanian, of course, in which case you might also want more background on that presentation).

  • When to say "I love you", in Tyler Cowen's perspective. I am particularly fond of the 'Proustian reminder' rationale in 4 (though I will strongly deny that was my only reason, ever, to utter those words) :-).

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