Thursday, March 22, 2007

France just opening UFO files- I know what's going on!

It is very clear why they chose to do this right now. The Franch 'Man in Black' can finally prove that the French 'Lady in Red' (more details here or, particularly, here on Dan's blog and comments section) is a dangerous alien. Go Sarko! Speaking of that, Chirac came to his senses and gave full support to the MiB against the aliens (ergo, the full exposure of the poor ET's on the web- that site seems under heavy alien attack at this very moment, though...don't know how much it'll resist). However, Bernard Salanié is right in pointing out problems in all the candidates' labour market strategies (but France entirely is sort of an alien world when it comes to the labour market and all that). If anything, Bayrou looks more competent. Is his file also to be found among the ET encounter dossiers or is he an undercover MiB ?


Aurora said...

Off topic comment: I am waiting for the new Phoenix Transylvania entry :)

Dan Anghel said...

Aurora, we will try and promise not to fail:) But time is not exactly our closest friend these days:)