Sunday, May 13, 2007

Econlinks for 13-05-'07

  • a clear KO administered by Steven Levitt to some 'journalist' who tried to criticise him and made a mess of himself, rather... That was nice (don't upset Levitt if you're not a pro and particularly don't do it if you have no clue what you're talking about...), but I think Levitt is wasting his time with answering such nonsense in such detail, and he'd rather give some reactions to the interesting part of the criticisms raised, for instance, by Rubinstein (Rust and Heckman are other heavyweights that criticised Levitt in the past). I summarized a bit of all that on this blog, a while ago.

  • one very interesting piece of Paul Rubin in the Washington Post, on the link between evolution and (some) people's wrong opinions on immigration and trade. I cannot agree more with one of his conclusions: "A deeper understanding of economics is like reading- it must be taught". Via Greg Mankiw (though I can't really see this as 'Darwin versus Smith'...).

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