Friday, May 11, 2007

Nisipeanu has got a great chance

Probably everybody who follows chess competitions knows this already, but anyways, I will still remind you that Dieter Nisipeanu is doing very well at the ongoing "M-Tel Masters" International Super Chess Tournament, from Sofia. And this while most other participants have far better ELO rankings than him, so far. The results so far are here (with the link to the game Nisipeanu won to Topalov here- I assume all bets were for Topalov in this one :-)). Well, I think Topalov got a bit impatient (in particular I really don't understand why he moves the pawn to b5 at move 40, allowing Nisipeanu to check Qe1), while Nisipeanu was perfectly calm and that usually helps...a lot. Very good! You can also watch an interview with Nisipeanu, after the first round, or view other clips from the tournament.

PS. Conditional on a win tomorrow to Adams, I predict Nisipeanu will win the tournament :-).

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