Friday, April 27, 2007

Funniest moment of the week. No, wait, of the month!

Lovely Nicole is emailing me this link. And she thinks she's really "got it now", she believes she finally "understands all about men", she's convinced she's just had her Eureka! moment :-). Well, that's pretty funny, but guess what, I'd bet that the text above was written by a male and not by a woman (who tried some homosexual experience in order to have such an epiphany :-)), as its author claims. It's simply too direct, nada (at least a) Freudian detour or anything like that. Which implies that the (latent) intention comes forward as subtle as a Russian tank- though it's not fully rational, but I won't get into details. Still funny, though :-). And ok, true to some extent, I confess. BUT: there's much more to it than just that and, Nicole my dear, I'd contend that there is enormous heterogeneity among "guys", maybe more than among women, but, agree, that's an empirical issue at the very end of the day... Anyways, here's a relevant excerpt from Nicole's "Bible" linked above (& I have to say that I agree 100% with its conclusion, never mind the reasoning till there :-) )
So guys, I have seen into your world, and I can say now, you definitely have it tougher than we do. I feel your pain. And ladies, if you're reading this, go easy on them. If you want to get it on, just let them know. They're killing themselves trying to figure it out. And that's just getting in the way of some potentially good fucking.

PS. Nicole, did you actually try... you know...with another woman? Wow, my imagination goes wild already :-). You can tell me in private...


Nicole said...

Sebs I am happy you found it so funny and posted it I knew you would :)

Sebi Buhai said...

Yeah yeah, but you avoided my question. Will I receive an email? :-)