Saturday, April 07, 2007

Movie scene of the week: 'Tango dance' from 'Scent of a Woman'

I'll start this blog category today. And I count on YouTube providing me with all the material I want :-). So, each week I'll choose a movie scene (always one of my favourite movie scenes, obviously!) which will always be in a direct or indirect way representative of my perceptions of things, life in general and the like, for that specific week (same spirit as my 'quote of the week' category). Obviously this implies that this particular blog category will be one of the most subjective blog categories. But whatever, this is a very personal blog after all :-).

So, the first movie scene, for the first week, is one scene that would score in my top 5 of all movie scenes ever. Recall that I've ranked my favourite movies, from 1 to 25 for now; evidemment, that is a completely different ranking than actually ranking the movie scenes! Thus, although Scent of a Woman "only" enters my top 30 (and that was a preview: stay tuned, I'll continue with my top 25 to 100 as soon as possible), this one scene from that superb movie enters my top 5. This is the tango scene with Frank Slade (Al Pacino; absolutely deserving not just the one he got, but 10 Oscars for that role!) and Donna (Gabrielle Anwar), on the perfect (here, instrumental only) sound of Gardel's tango masterpiece 'Por Una Cabeza" (see here a beautiful clip with Carlos Gardel himself singing!). Whoo-ah!!!


nicole said...

My God u'r such an incurable romantic :) but great taste :) Happy Easter Seb!

Sebi Buhai said...

Well, thank you... I guess (I know!) :-) I am glad you concur with me on the scene's qualities. You can't really describe in words's Pacino's play there. Actually there are a few other scenes from that movie, all focusing on Pacino, which I simply adore. Maybe they'll also appear :-).

Happy Easter to you too, Nico!

Anonymous said...

wow! i have never seen the movie yet but now i surely will. never heard of the actress either, she plays well!