Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Song of the day: "Nunta" (The Wedding), by Pavel Stratan

Today's superlative song (with a very well done videoclip as well; the whole concept is just great), "Nunta" ("The Wedding"), by Pavel Stratan, is dedicated to my good old friend Sandu (a live performance of "Nunta" is here ). With my thanks for the invitation and my (already) apologies for not being able to make it, but with the knowledge that if times were less pressing, I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world! I'll come back with more precise and better targeted wishes just before the great event that's gonna mark the rest of your life :-)

You can check out the official site of Pavel Stratan (only in Romanian) and a very short wiki bios in English. I have to say that I really like this artist, he brought an absolutely original touch, a fusion of various styles, very difficult to pin down to one genre, one type (if anything, he is the "storyteller" in Romanian music, but that cannot be a/the catch-all term either)- and he's simply got a huge amount of talent. I further think we haven't yet seen the best of Pavel Stratan, so I am very optimistic in what regards his evolution as a musician from now on. I already wrote a bit about Pavel Stratan and about why I'd like his music to be promoted in Romania instead of the omnipresent and very popular nonsense. I also ranked his "Eu beu" ("I drink") videoclip in my top 10 (among the clips I had talked about). A couple of other good pieces (but YouTube is really not doing well at the "Pavel Stratan clips" chapter...) from Pavel Stratan, next to the two already mentioned, are the following: "M-am nascut de ziua mea" ("I was born on my birthday"), "Cucu o murit" (The cuckoo died). Lyrics (but not yet clips...) for most of his songs can be found on his website. And finally, his daughter, Cleopatra (3 years old!), is also, already, a famous singer! Just watch her perform in her most famous song, "Ghita", or together with her father in "Noapte buna" (Good Night). Enjoy!

PS. This is the second Romanian artist (well, to be very precise he is from the Republic of Moldova, but he became a musical star in Romania) I mention in my "song of the day" blog category, after Florin Chilian (post in Romanian). See also a post about other Romanian musicians, mentioned en passant and not always very positively (& read also a post on what is not music whatsoever, but just insanely awful noise, despite some claims to the contrary and unbelievable popularity) :-). But stay tuned, there'll be plenty of occasions to write about what I consider good or promising Romanian music (or music by Romanian artists).

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