Sunday, April 22, 2007

Econlinks for 22-04-'07

  • Susan Athey is the new winner of the John Bates Clark Medal. I had her on my potential list of winners, of course, but I really put Ed Glaeser highest on that list since he was at the age limit of the candidates for the medal (40), while Susan Athey could have also been nominated in 2 years from now, in principle. So I lost that bet :-). I think Susan Athey totally deserves this prestigious award. What is special about this year's prize is that Athey is the first woman to receive the medal and possibly one of the youngest winners, as well.
  • an entry on what sociologists learned about economists. Looks pretty interesting, I'll follow up on those links. And rather negative, but that's no news from our sociologist colleagues...
  • a nice article in the Economist (from a few editions ago) about the 'frowning clown' that both Democrats and Republicans are terribly afraid of, Stephen Colbert. It comes at the right time, since I've just posted an entry on a hillarious "hot Stephen" clip (this previous one about the 10 commandments, that the Economist article linked above also mentions, was equally funny- I talked about it here, but the corresponding YouTube was removed... ).
  • The NY Times has published today a very interesting guide to "affordable Europe". 15 major cities are overviewed. The intention is excellent (and very welcome!), but at first sight I find the guide quite rough, missing a lot of information (for the cities from that list where I've been living for quite a while, like Amsterdam or London). Unless Americans really have different tastes, there are much better places (equally cheap) where to go in these cities...

And this is my 300th blog post! That calls for celebration. Though I'll probably postpone a proper celebration for the next weekend.

Update, May 11th, '07: I've just discovered that Steven Levitt has a different idea (well, speculation) of who might have been the runners up for the John Bates Clark Medal (all Chicago economists, of course :-)).

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