Friday, April 13, 2007

Movie scene for the week 8th to 14th of April '07: Sean Maguire's 'monologue' from "Good Will Hunting"

"Good Will Hunting" is one incredible movie (remember my movie top 1-25: this one can easily slide in there and is for sure in my current top 30- stay tuned for that, as soon as I'll get some time, I'll post further my top 25-100...). Inter alia, I believe Matt Damon is playing one of his best roles ever as Will Hunting (only matched so far, in my view, by his playing the main role in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" - but there are still movies with him that I must see). But the movie scene of the week is really not one of the many excellent ones that centre on Will Hunting, but one which gets the best out of Sean Maguire, superlatively played by (the usually superlative...) Robin Williams (rewarded with a well deserved Oscar for the acting here). And I chose this scene, one of my favourites both from this movie and in general, because it emphasizes wonderfully my idea of "lack of exposure" (that many people I know suffer from, without being aware of it...). Valid even in the case of pure geniuses, though it's clear that not many can beat Will Hunting :-). Enjoy!


Dan Anghel said...

"I don't pretend to know how you feel because I read Oliver Twist". Excellent monologue and a terrible punch in the face. There was one line in this movie, it's not in this scene, that marked me rather deeply, when Robin Williams while speaking about his wife said "she farted in her sleep" with a sad and nostalgic smile on his face. Well, here's another scene from Good Will Hunting I like a lot, it's not as good as the one you picked but it has its moments:)

Sebi Buhai said...

By coincidence, total pure unbelievable etc etc coincidence, I just saw the movie again (for the 5th or so time) yesterday evening on one of the Danish tv channels, simply by browsing through the tv channels- and when you think that just a few hours before that I posted this entry! So I perfectly remember all that: there are many very good scenes and some of them are not on YouTube unfortunately (but many are and I might use some others for other weeks :-)). One scene that I completely forgot about and I recalled watching the movie yesterday is the dialogue between the Maths Fields medalist Lambeau and Maguire about what to do with "the kid" (Will Hunting), just before Will comes to their office. Amazing dialogue about what life is and should be about and how personal choices should or should not shape it. That is not on YouTube, for instance, although I've been looking for it this morning :-).