Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Debate on raising minimum wages in the USA

Obviously Greg Mankiw is following this debate much more closely than I am, which is very good since I can profit from it and just follow Professor Mankiw's very recent links to it, on his popular blog. Here's the latest: an informative live presentation/discussion/debate (the video lasts quite a while, watched it in 4 episodes...) at the American Enterprise Institute ,between David Neumark, Jared Bernstein and Harry Holzer, three econ researchers with heavy background in this research area. I thought the last question from the audience shouldn't have been the last one and, in any case, more time should/could have been devoted to discussing the EITC as alternative.

And here's Neumark and Wascher's 150 pages minimum wages literature review paper (very unfortunately, most likely I will not have time to even skim through it in the next one or two months...).

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