Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The machine era has just started

It's all over, the human chess player lost the ultimate battle (little do the $500k that Kramnik would have gotten anyway confort the rest of the humankind). The king is dead, long live...Deep Fritz! 2 victories over Kramnik (see live last game or just its report), only one due to a surprinsing Kramnik blunder.

At least Deep Fritz cannot - yet! - really enjoy its (his?) victory. Indeed, the very informative 'Technology Quarterly' section in the Economist's most recent number (2nd of Dec) does not hint anywhere close, but describes enough amazing new developments that suggest we might not be that far. My favourite articles in this section are about the buildings and the cars of the (near) future. The road to KITT looks indeed somewhat shorter than the road to David.

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