Thursday, February 08, 2007

Song of the day: Goldfrapp's "Utopia"

Alison Goldfrapp, from the British band Goldfrapp (the other member of the duo is Will Gregory), could be the perfect woman. I just said it. Skeptical? Judge for yourself: looks, personality (sorry, PERSONALITY), style, voice- and you might sense part of these from Goldfrapp's hits, among them "Black Cherry" or "Strict Machine" or "Number 1", the latter from their very succesful most recent album, Supernature. One of the other songs from them, not really considered a hit by the critics, "Lovely Head", is the soundtrack of a very interesting and intriguing movie, "My summer of love". One point about Goldfrapp's creations is that they really follow the 'scientific' approach: they start by using a very few leitmotives and they just know where to change/add that bit to obtain almost every time a new chef-d'oeuvre. The result is really an alternative reality, their own world, characterized, inter alia, by, to cite one of their critical appraisals, "pioneering electronics, crystalline vocals, visual theatrics and glam-sex decadence". But, to come back to Alison Goldfrapp and her own supernature: she might not be the greatest cook, but she's surely got a great touch and taste for good humor. Moreover, she clearly knows what she wants and- crucial!- she's not at all shy asking for it: Twist (one of my favourite pieces from Goldfrapp!). How can you not adore this woman? I have been in love with her ever since I saw her performing in Amsterdam's Paradiso, quite some years ago :-).

But today's song is a piece from their early album, Felt Mountain, song which I personally consider one of their masterpieces. Enjoy Utopia (clip recording a great live performance)!

Update, 14th of March '07: this becomes really annoying: most of the clips I linked above were removed by the YouTube administration because of copyright violations. Fortunately, I also found again all of them, in YouTube versions uploaded by other users, at least for the moment "looking safe & good", ie. not violating any copyrights. So, here they are: Utopia (rare live version), Black Cherry, Strict Machine, Number 1, Lovely Head (live in London), Twist.

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