Sunday, February 11, 2007

Song of the weekend: Eva Cassidy's "Autumn Leaves"

This is a special weekend edition of the 'song of the day' category on my blog. And for special editions, we certainly need special artists and special songs. Today it is time for one of the best voices of all times; it is time to talk about pure talent and musical genius; it is high time I shortly reminded you of Eva Cassidy and her story, a story sad and (ultimately) happy, at the same time. But since I wrote a bit about Eva Cassidy some (quite long) time ago as well, today I'll let the concrete documentary evidence (Long live YouTube!) do the 'talking'. First, there is a great ABC Nightline documentary about Eva Cassidy and her story, from relatively unknown local artist (though adored and idolized by all those who knew her) while she was alive, to world-wide legend, soon after her music was (re)discovered and played, years after her death, by some very inspired BBC reporters and ever since... You should thus start by watching the three parts of this documentary, with, inter alia, interviews of people who knew her (friends, family, collaborators, the BBC guys to whom we owe her 'rebirth' etc):

Second - and truly amazing (particularly considering that she recorded so little before her premature and unfortunate death)- on YouTube there are video recordings of several of the pieces she used to sing at the Blues Alley. These include exceptional renditions of what had already been famous musical pieces, receiving however a unique Eva Cassidy "signature" once they became part of her repertoire. Among my favourites: "Cheek to cheek" , "Time after time", "You've changed", and of course what I consider THE masterpieces: "What a wonderful world", "Fields of gold" (for each of these pieces, I believe she is the only other person able to SING them), "Tall trees in Georgia", "Over the rainbow" (her favourite song) and my number 1 and song of this weekend, "Autum Leaves". Enjoy!

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