Friday, February 02, 2007

Wiki Novels

The UK publisher Penguin started a welcome and ambitious project (I'd say), consisting in advertising (and, presumably, sponsoring the eventual publication- only online or also in print- of) a collaborative novel using the wiki tools. The description of the project in the words of the publisher: " [...] A Million Penguins, a collaborative, wiki-based creative writing exercise. We should go into this with the best spirit of scientific endeavour - the experiment is going live, the lab is under construction, the subjects are out there. And the results? We’ll see in a couple of months. " I believe this is the first step towards a completely new way of writing fiction (to co-exist with the ongoing practice), where many 'authors' (of all possible backgrounds, with all possible interests etc.), possibly under anonimity (though I have some serious concerns regarding proper incentives then), collaborate directly, at all stages of writing: a glimpse in the future, really. So why don't you join in this experiment?

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